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Important Details About The Latest Card Compromise

Always watch the transactions in your account closely. Contact us immediately if you recognize any unauthorized transactions.

The Home Depot® has confirmed that its payment systems were breached at nearly 2,200 U.S. and Canadian stores, putting in-store only transactions at risk dating back to April.

Two things have been confirmed with this latest compromise: 1) Only transactions performed in stores (not online) are at risk; 2) The PIN is not at risk.

Please note, however, that recent reports indicate financial institutions are seeing PIN-based fraud developing after a PIN change occurs via an interactive voice response (IVR) system.

BEWARE! Criminals may attempt to gather consumer information through social engineering and phishing scams, which will then provide them with enough information to perpetrate a PIN change on a counterfeit payment card that could be in their possession.

PIN-Change Methods
SHAZAM supports several PIN-change methods, all of which require either a reference number or knowledge of the old PIN. It’s also important to note SHAZAM will never discuss PIN-change options or details with a cardholder. If you need assistance with changing your PIN, please visit your local branch.








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